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In addition, amidst the pandemic and most of them are fledged training even -and provided them full hired operators under community development ITVs. DP World and community go together, we VMT and for ITV Operators for skillful handling of launched for O Ship, EH, RS, RTG operators on In 2020, extensive training programs were  and is helping in operational efficiency. improved container movements within the terminal increased our ITVs fleet from 64 to 84 which has containers and increasing productivity. We also playing a significant role in smooth handling of acquired two high tech Quay Cranes which are on our equipment, people and community. We In the year 2020 we made significant investments done by Team. Well done!indeed a matter of pride for all of us.  Good work increased our challenges in many ways. This is which was not easy because the Covid has targets in terms of volume but also excelled it faced in 2020 we have not only achieved our I am pleased to mention that in spite of tough time 2021. I wish you and your family a very happy year of  following easy and cost effective methods.Always try to find new ways of doing things by processes and give suggestions for improvement. urge all of you to keep reviewing existing hour, and innovation is the name of the game. I Smarter solutions for customers is the need of the keep our people, equipment and premises even cannot be overlooked. We will try to find new ways and we will keep focusing on this at all times. It We are always extra conscious for safety for all  acre land. -gate with huge parking facility on 35-pregate to a more spacious area and developed new -In order to facilitate truckers, we shifted our pre payment and documentation process. which reduces their commute to our facility for end online payment facility for our customers -Collection facility, we maintain high-Pakistan with eAs a pioneer and leading terminal operator in


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